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With a company name like This Thing Rips, you know you're getting into something good. The Stok R Series ReMix vape pen from MaryJanes is a coil-less wax vaporizer with a ceramic thermal cup to ensure that concentrates heat evenly and completely. Two airflow slits at the bottom of the atomizer ensure heat comes in from the bottom and rises to the top and easily into the mouthpiece. 


1 x  Set It & Forget It Smart Battery
2 x  Ceramic Thermal Cup Atomizers
1 x Discreet Pen Cap
1 x  XL Polycarbonate Visual Reaction Chamber
1 x  Mouthpiece
1 x  XXL Patented SURE-GRIP Silicone Jar
1 x Hypercharge USB Cable
2 x Cleaning Wipes
2 x Silicone Heat Rings
1 x Stainless Steel Tool