Hoss Glass 7mm Straight Tube w/ Crown, 14"

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MaryJanes offers this thick straight tube bong with crown made by Hoss Glass. This 14" straight tube bong is a solid piece that boasts a 7mm glass thickness for strength and sports a crown mouthpiece for aesthetic appeal. It has a low ice catcher to allow the use of ice cubes to cool the smoke for smoother inhalation.

Height: 14" Inches / 350mm
Joint Size: 19mm Downstem Diffuser / 14mm Bowl
Stem Length: 4.75" Inches / 12cm
Tube Diameter: 50mm
Thickness: 7mm

x1- 7mm Straight Tube w/ Crown
x1- 4.75" / 12cm Downstem Diffuser
x1- 14mm Bowl