Hoss Glass Triple Inline to Grid Perc, 16", 38mm

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One of our favourites here at MaryJanes. This incredible Hoss Glass 16-inch triple inline stemless bong with grid percolator has a completely unique shape and percolates smoke like no other. The triple inline percolator diffuses the smoke and ash in the base while a grid percolator in the midsection filters the smoke even further. An ice catcher sits mid-way up the tube to allow for the use of ice cubes to cool the smoke and make it even smoother to inhale. This bong does a fantastic job filtering smoke, and the multiple percolators make it an extremely fun piece to use.

Height:  16" Inches / 400mm
Joint Size:  19mm Female Joint
Tube Diameter:  38mm

x1- Triple Inline to Grid Perc
x1- 19mm Bowl.