KIND Ash Cache Ashtray

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This KIND cache ashtray from MaryJanes is more than just an ashtray. You can tell by this huge list of features it offers:

  • Soft silicon smash pillar
  • High-temperature silicon smash ring
  • 18mm and 14mm glad piece holders
  • Palm-size stainless steel body
  • Slots for pokers and rolling papers
  • Lighter or dram vial holder
  • Over 13 different functional features for today's smoker. It’s the new standard!
  • Spill-proof and windproof. It's great for your vehicle.
  • It keeps ashes out of sight and traps odors. Great for bedrooms and or dorms.
  • Snuffs burning ashes! No lingering smoke
  • All components are dishwasher safe, makes for easy cleaning