Red Eye Tek 12" Tall Paint Drip Tube W/Disc Perc

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Red Eye Tek's new and intriguing line of Paint Drip tube bongs from MaryJanes are truly a sight to be seen. This gorgeous water pipe stands at an amicable 12 inches tall and is supported by a thick circular base. The bong features a shower head-style disk diffuser / percolator built into the main chamber which will cool and smooth out the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece.

All Red Eye Tek pipes, bubblers, and smoking accessories are uniquely handmade from high-quality 100% borosilicate glass. No two items are exactly alike. Their team is always hard at work dreaming up the next bewildering vertical ascension unit! We at MaryJanes can assure you that Red Eye Tek's amazing glass will take you from here to there in a blink of an eye!