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With a company name like This Thing Rips, you know you're getting into something good. The Stok R Series 2 portable vape pen from MaryJanes is small in size for easy carrying and use. Its coil has been calibrated to heat to a lower temperature for even heating and more flavorful vapor that allows you to enjoy the natural taste of your waxes. The ceramic rod reaches the working temperature quickly, so you can get to vaping in a hurry.

With its durable poly-carbonate visual heating chamber, you can watch the vapor form before drawing through its comfortable mouthpiece. The R+ airflow system virtually eliminates resistance for easy inhalation. Disassembling and cleaning your R Series 2 is easy, and the 6500 micro Amp battery has a microchip processor that allows it to hold double the charge compared to other batteries its size. That means you'll be able to vape a lot longer before recharging.