RYOT SmellSafe Krypto-Kit

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The RYOT Krypto-Kit from MaryJanes is the most popular pocketable storage system for glass bats and small vapes ever designed. Released in 2000, the Krypto-Kit was RYOT's first invention. Today, they’ve redesigned it with smaller specs for extra pocketability, odor absorption technology, and optimized storage for smoking accessories. The Krypto-Kit is the perfect solution for the daily smoker!

  • Dimensions: 4.125 L x 2.625 W x 1 H inches
  • RYOT’s patented SmellSafe Technology for odor absorption
  • Lockable zipper (Lock not included)
  • Odor absorption antimicrobial microfibers
  • Panels to store cash, cards, or papers
  • Removable, hi-tech RYOT freshness pod
  • Elastic storage loop to secure your taster bat
  • Stretch gusseted pocket perfect for lighter storage
  • Poker included