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Designed with the active cannabis user in mind, whether you're hiking, camping, relaxing at the beach, or just running around town; the DoobTool Cannabis Case & Multi-tool from MaryJanes is there to transport & prepare your cannabis products on the go. You'll never have to fool around with makeshift tools and cases that weren't meant for cannabis.

With 10 different tools and over 20 different uses, the DoobTool is your go-to cannabis tool; you no longer need to have a large unsightly case & makeshift tools that weren't designed for cannabis use.

The DoobTool features:

A glass Dabbing Tool, used for the administration of extracted cannabis products like Wax/Shatter or oils.

A Poker Tool used to poke, stir or scrape flowered cannabis in a variety of different ways.

The Packer Tool will allow to pack your joints, bowls, pipes or vaporizers with your desired amount of cannabis anytime, anywhere.

A Herbal Brush used to collect, clean, or clear cannabis from your DoobTool or related materials.

A Roach Clip to hold and secure rolled cannabis for smoking.

We're not done yet!

The DoobTool has built-in Spool Pins to store, transport, and use hemp wick in a variety of different ways.

The DoobTool also features Fold-out Scissors, to cut and slice materials.

Still using your hand or pant leg as a rolling tray? Allow the DoobTool's patented Removable Top Cover to assist in preparing the perfect roll every time.

Grind your cannabis with ease by using the cover's mounting point for your Grinder Card to effectively grind and prepare cannabis products for use.

Finally, once closed, the DoobTool is Odorless, keeping all content discrete during transportation.