MyWeigh Triton T3 660g X 0.1

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The MyWeigh Triton T3 digital weed scale from Maryjanes is an enhanced version of the proven and affordable Triton, upgraded with a rugged exterior and Advanced Digital Weighing Technology for consistently precise readings.  Designed for durability, the T3 is equipped with a fully-rubber padded outer case, shock-mounted internal components, and a cross-hatch soft rubber shell. The MyWeigh Triton T3 is an incredibly accurate & tough pocket scale, developed specifically for everyday home users.


  • Built-in ABS hard cover
  • Removable expansion tray
  • Non-slip rubber grip and ribs
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Easy-to-read red backlit display
  • Impact Protection System
  • Weighmeter
  • Zero tracking
  • Last unit used memory
  • Weigh Modes: g, oz, dwt, ozt, gn, ct
  • Accuracy: 0.1g
  • Capacity: 660g