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The Utillian 421 portable vaporizer from MaryJanes was designed with discretion in mind. Standing only 4 inches tall, this tiny vaporizer fits in any pocket and is perfect for stealthy, smooth draws.

60-Minute Battery

The 421 has 60-minutes of battery life to keep your session going all day long. Great for travelers and those who want multiple quick draws during the day.

6 Pre-Set Temperatures

The 421 comes with 6 pre-set temperatures: 180C, 190C, 200C, 210C, 220C and 230C, two more than its’ predecessor. Giving you a wider range to customize your experience.

Digital Display

The 421’s digital display indicates battery life as well as your set and current temperature. Outclassing the competition with a high level of sophistication and value.

Glass Mouthpiece

Featuring a glass mouthpiece that preserves flavor and allows you to fully experience your vapor without sacrificing quality.

Airflow Control

With a customizable airflow control, you can tailor your sessions to your liking without breaking the bank.